COLOR make vibration
Vinyl get vibration

even Colored Vinyl

We design the values of music and artists.
Color vinyl will definitely make the color and design of the album more beautiful.
It's about raising the artist's value, and creating our value.
NOT manufacturing

Made by meister,
Solid Wooden Box for Vinyl

Solid wooden box made by a craftsman will bring you value.
The box, which is made up of 25 pieces in total, is all handmade.
A musical instrument should be as valuable as the music.
If it is valuable enough to be included in your collection, it should only be yours.
We did not produce this box. Every box has its own texture.
Obviously, that's the only box you're holding.
scarcity. value. Only you can have

All limited edition
small quantity, high quality

We don't produce a lot of vinyl for money.
For the value of your vinyl and for the value of your artist. The vinyl you have should be valuable.
The first is always special.

We discover
``First Release Vinyl``

We are always looking forward to the first Vinyl.
At HI-ONE RECORDS, we can experience music which we haven't met in the last 20 years when no vinyl was produced.
Everything in this project is with the artist.

All Licenced Vinyl, Artwork, and Project

We have a valuable limited edition.
So all this value is devoted to artists and their bands. They have helped us and we want to help them. We keep an appointment with the artist in terms of quantity, manufacture, and license.